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Thursday, October 28, 2010

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Dunia Lawak : Sape Bodoh Ni???

One day, two rich businessmen, living nearby, were chatting.
"I tell you ahh ... my driver very stupid wan ... you see la!" the first
businessman said, before calling his driver, Ah Chong.

"Nah Ah Chong ... here's ten dollars ... go buy me a Mercedez Benz."

"Yes sir ... right away!" Ah Chong received the ten dollars and rushed straight
away to the car showroom.

"See?" said the businessman.

The second businessman, not to be outdone, said "I'll show you what is real

He then called his driver, Ahmad and said "Ahmad, go home now and check to see
if I'm home," to which Ahmad replied "Yes Sir, right away!" and ran home.

"See?! Ahmad can't even use his brains to see that I'm already here! Now that
is real stupidity!" the second businessman said.

Later, the two drivers, who knew each other, met. Ah Chong said "Eh you know
ahh ... my boss ahh ... real stupid wan. He gave me ten dollars to go buy him
a Mercedes ... he didn't know today Sunday la ... all the showroom where got

"Aiya ... my boss even worse ... he ask me go his house to check whether he's
home or not. He oledi got handphone wat ... just call him at home and check

p/s : picture from Google